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Tutorial: Arm Cut (Time Lapse) | Cheap Halloween Ideas

This is a tutorial on how to make a simple arm cut for Halloween.

A WHOLE NEW WORLD | Final Fantasy #10

David and Co. break free of the Albean Sea and discover a vast world beyond!

BACK TO THE BEGINNING | Dragon Warrior #1 | Stream Archive

Original stream date May 16, 2017.

David goes back to his first RPG, Dragon Warrior. The remake on the Game Boy Color brings back so many nostalgic memories!

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PHAT LOOT | Final Fantasy #9

David and Co. delve back into the Marsh Cave to clear out all the loot.

TREASURE HUNT! | Final Fantasy #8

David and Co. search the known world over for a myriad of treasures and powerful equipment.

Hearthstone #1 | Stream Archive


Original stream date May 21, 2017.

Angel plays Hearthstone and gets her butt kicked.

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AWAKEN, MY PRINCE | Final Fantasy #7

David and Co. defeat Astos and awaken the sleeping elf prince.

THE MARSH CAVE - Final Fantasy - Part 6

David and Co. venture to the Western Keep and finally to the Marsh Cave... Adventure's to be had!

Employee Recycling Center - Indie Hunt

So I found this game while looking for Indie games on steam... yeah it's something... Thoryne~

SLEEPING ELF PRINCE - Final Fantasy - Part 5

David visits the dwarves and elves just to find more dead-ends and fetch quests.