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SLEEPING ELF PRINCE - Final Fantasy - Part 5

David visits the dwarves and elves just to find more dead-ends and fetch quests.

ON THE HIGH SEAS - Final Fantasy - Part 4

David and Co. sail the high seas, intent on getting into some kinda trouble!

MATOYA AND PRAVOCA - Final Fantasy - Part 3

A few downfalls, a few deaths, but David and Co. make their way to Pravoca and "commandeer" a pirate's ship!

TEMPLE OF CHAOS - Final Fantasy - Part 2

David and Co. finally make their way to the Temple of Chaos to confront the traitor Garland.


Final Fantasy 1 Part 1 -Our Adventure Begins

David starts his solo series playing the PlayStation remake of the original Final Fantasy. All journeys begins somewhere.

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 1 - One Ugly Kid

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 1 - One Ugly Kid

The first episode of Horizon: Zero Dawn is here! Watch as David explores the apocalyptic world full of robot dinosaurs on his mission to collect all the things!


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